Skansen – Stockholm

Skansen is a large outdoor museum, the first in the world in fact.  It covers a vast range of eras and interests – from 1860’s farming to 1930’s businesses, a Zoo, rides… and more!  They have an annual visitation of about 1.4m and receive some government funding, but rely heavily on ticket sales.  The entry price of 100kr (approximately $15) is very reasonable, because you could easily get a whole day’s entertainment out of it.

Entrance to Skansen

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Beamish (Durham, UK)


Beamish  is an open air museum near Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Northern England.  The museum covers a range of eras from 18th century farming to the turn of the 20th century mining.  It sits on a vast rural property with different sections/eras connected by a vintage bus and tram loop.  Luckily for me, the days I visited (the first week of May), the lovely spring sunshine bathed the museum in warmth.  This obviously added to my enjoyment of the outside spaces.  Like all outdoor museums, Beamish is at the mercy of the weather in this regard!

The museum is a lively and fun place, which also offers a comprehensive historical immersion.  The staff are a great highlight of the museum.  I met so many who eagerly and voluntarily spoke about their area of the museum.  Their enthusiasm and knowledge really added to the experience.

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