A list of papers, presentations and publications:


In their shoes – children comparing their modern school experiences with those before them.  Presentation at International Symposium on School Life, School History Museum and Collections.  Available at:

In their shoes – roleplaying history, ideas for the classroom.  Presentation at the History Teacher’s Association of Australia, National Conference


Learners, Digital Resources and Museums. Conference presentation at Museums Australia Conference, Adelaide.  Available at:

Digital Learning Resources: Engaging Learners. Report prepared for the Sovereign Hill Museums Association.  Available at:

Ideas for using Twitter in Museum Theatre.  Article in the International Museum Theatre Alliance Asia Pacific Newsletter.  Available at:

Thought-provoking experiences for Secondary students.  Article in Ethos, the Journal of Social Education Victoria Inc. Vol 20, No 3.

Using mobile devices on excursion. Webinar co-presented with Corrie Barclay of Manor Lakes College.   Recording available at:


Representing and Commemorating History.  Education Resource to support the Burke and Will Memorial Fountain Project. Available at:          

 Local Perspectives on a National Story: The Burke and Wills time capsule in Ballarat. Co-presented with Dr Jan Croggon at the Museums Australia National Conference.

All you need is love! – Reflections from international museum visits.  Presentation at Museums Australia Educators Network Victoria end-of-year event.


Saving History: Museums and the Australian Curriculum. Joint article with Tim Sullivan in the Teacher Learning Network Journal Winter 2010.

 Getting to the guts of the Ned Kelly story with your students. Professional Development workshop for the Ned Kelly: Fact and Fiction Exhibition at the Gold Museum, Ballarat.

Edward Burtynsky – Australian Minescapes Education Resource. Education resource created for the Australian Minescapes exhibition at the gold Museum. Available at:


Social Networking in Humanities Education. Presentation as part of the Web2.0 and Humanities Professional Development Seminar, State Library of Victoria.

Developing Information Literacy. Presentation as part of the Building Lifelong Research Skills in your students Professional Development Seminar, State Library of Victoria.

Primary Sources in Medieval Studies. Paper in the Agora (Issue 1, 2009), History Teacher’s Association of Victoria Journal

The Independent Type Education Resource. An education resource for Middle Years teachers of History and English.  Available at:


Ancient Books, New Ideas. Workshop at the Annual conference of the History Teacher’s Association of Victoria

The Medieval Imagination Education Resource. A comprehensive Education Resource for teachers of Medieval History.

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